Tinto: Online Edit Tool for Media Publisher

A tool that supports, creates, and organises attachments for app media.

The challenge is to design a tool for media publishers to get update on other publishers' content, organise files, and manage media for their own app users. This is v1 of this tool. The tool will support the creation of a media attachment within a publisher story (ex: Daily Mail, Buzzfeed, CNN). It also allows publishers to edit/upload files to the online folder and view other publishers uploads. Publishers should have the flexibility to move and reorder the media within the their own publisher story page, along with simple mechanisms to do the following: upload new media, delete media, replace the media to existing uploaded media, and label media.

Competition Project
Wireframe Concept
2 weeks

My Roles
Interface Design
UX Design

Individual Work

Feature Highlights

Publisher Story Home Page

Upload and Publish Media

Edit Attachments in Publisher Profile Page

Edit Files in a Folder