Powers of Ten: A Site Guide Book

Mapping in 10 Scale Jumps Inspired by Eames Office's Film "Powers of Ten"

Scale is relational. It is an attribute that arises when established as an element-by-element comparison. Importantly, it relates to one’s dimensions. Very often, scale helps us compare known and unknown scenarios—for instance, the size of city X is as big as city Y; path A is as long as path B. It helps to turn the unfamiliar into familiar, the imagined into more tangible and measured scenarios. Scale is also a universal language that supports our access to the world around us while gaging its affordances. It reveals the surrounding reality composed of many different things, capacities, and also times

This project explores various scales and their meaning. It exercises the shifting of proximities (observer-observed) and guides the answers to the following questions:

1) At which scale is the drawing and what does it mean?

2) Which layer(s) of the city do we see at this scale? What is added? What is no longer relevant?

3) What is the measure of the frame at this scale and how much does it measure in reality?

Core Studio II
STU 1211
1 week

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