Helping Designers to Discover, Organize, and Create Quick Color Palettes

IRO is a simple color reference App that helps designers organize colors and build up their own color palettes. Users can quickly discover a set of relevant colors with hex codes and RGB values that they can save for a project palette. It also allows users to capture color from the real world and build up a delightful color palette from memorable experience.This is a project I created out of my personal interest. As a designer, I am constantly using different color reference tools and I want to design an App that can organize colors more systematically and does not require looking into multiple places to find basic information.

*IRO (いろ) is a Japanese word that means “color”.

Side Project
Concept Design
4 weeks

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Interaction Design
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Individual Work



I researched products that provides color reference and color palette design in the market, and had the following findings: 1. It is most efficient to evaluate color palette design when given a specific example of the usage of that palette. 2. People usually need some inspirations to start the color design process. 3. Most of the existing Apps require designers to look into multiple places to find all the related information on one color. 4. There is no App that categorize color palettes based on design context.



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