Kunst Steig

Kunst Steig is a project inspired by the movie Five Centimeters per Second by Makoto Shinkai. I want to diagram a serene atmosphere in the city of Basel, Switzerland at different times of the year. I remember the first time I saw the movie Five Centimeters per Second, the scenary of the four seasons was completely touching and breathtaking to me. I want to include the same level of depth and layers in my own graphics. I believe that environment is crutial when setting up the atmosphere and conveying the story to the audience.

This work is sponsored by ARCH Medium.

3 weeks

My Roles
Visual Design
3D Modeling

Individual Work

Oyster Matters

Illustrating Oyster Farming in Relationship to the Urban Context

This is a project that documents the whole process of oyster farming. The research includes what is the site condition of oyster growing, and how the landscape enhanced oyster growth. We took a case study at Tokyo Bay and look into the natural and social conditions of farming oyster. We visualize the research finding through a series vector diagrams

Landscape Studio
LAR 481
4 weeks

My Roles
Background Research
Visual Design
Illustration Diagrams

Ana Cubillos-Torres

This set of diagrams is focusing on the interaction between farming staff and farm environment. We want to show the stages of oyster growth as well as the tools staffs use to grow the oysters. We believe that the tool is the major media that connects human to the farm environment, and the selection of tools is the also important and site-specific.

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