An internal working platform for SOM employees to work in teams

SOM is a global design and construction company with projects completed in more than 40 countries. The company is one of the world's largest architectural and engineering firmswith over 1,000 employees.

WeSom is is an internal communicate platform that enables marketing managers and project architect at SOM to easily collect, share, and manage project status, updates, site photos, and project teams to quickly put together design proposals and collaborative work.

GSDUX Research Project
Concept Design
8 weeks

My Roles
Interaction Design
Interface Design
UX Research

Individual Work


Save SOM employees’ time collecting project information, site photography, case stories so that they can be more efficient on doing team collaborative work.


I conducted six user interviews and with primary users to identify current process and workflows. This helped me identified pain points and opportunity areas. Currently SOM does not have an effective way to build up project proposals. This process involves forming teams, debriefing the contract, doing a series of site research, and navigating through internal network drives to find project photography and case stories. Each SOM marketing team member can have 8-10 proposals to develop per week. With all these detailed artifacts to collect for each proposals, marketing team usually have to work off-hours.

The other issue is location. SOM has offices worldwide and a multitude of construction areas. It is very difficult to coordinate with team members at different locations.

Organising data from user interviews for design insights and takeaways


Incorporate a consistent internal search system that enables users to find, collect, organize, and share items that they need to build a proposal.

An early moodboard experimenting design culture during the strategic phase

UI Style Guide


The Results

I try to make design language easy and simple to understand. I would like users to focus on one thing at a time when they are using the website. I found that the scheduling team events, team collaboration, and locating past design files are what users care about most, so I organised the page layout so that each team member's working schedule can be easily found, and made sure everything important is easily accessible.

By composing files through WeSOM platform, users can directly attach archived images and past project elements to new documents. Using the same grid formats that mimick from the SOM public website makes sure the internal website has the same dynamic and with a rich experience.

I iterated upon the structure of the site and app several times to reduce complexity while still being able to let users locate the most important information in the documents.